This is a sample of my personal portfolio compiled over the years through employment at Strateco, Cossette Communications, Takamatsu Group and LCBO.                                        © TCOD - Lance Nasseir 2020


My Experience

I graduated via the University of London with majors in Fine Art and Math and a minor in English.

I bring years of experience in Advertising and Promotion having worked with a diverse range of Tier 1 clients over the years that garnered Gold and Silver PROMO and POPAI awards.

My Skills

Experienced Creative and Production Artist for Print and eCommerce.

I possess a sharp eye for detail, which is key when doing final production, photo retouching, manipulation and Digital Comping..

I work well under pressure and has proven to be a mentor to upcoming creatives. I have strong leadership and interpersonal skills which has served to build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues over the years.

My Goals

I am looking for an opportunity to work with a team that runs on clear communication and to which I can make a positive impact on the quality of their deliverables.

To always seek new avenues in which I can improve my skill set in this ever evolving technological era.

My Recent Endeavor

Working within strict guidelines and Brand standards that had to promote Social Responsibility while meeting liquor supplier expectations, I was constantly complimented for my skill and work ethic as a Production Designer at the LCBO for the past two and a half years producing Design and Final Production for all Marketing Collateral, and eCommerce web content including Photo manipulation, Digital comping and re-touching.